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I can help improve your web presence by providing you the following:

  • Web Development
  • Site Maintenance
  • Site Redesign

My focus is on the production of design solutions for small / start-up businesses; to help them realize the potential of the Internet through online marketing and e-commerce Multimedia Specialist. Graphic Design. Music, Web Programming


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What I Do

Web Designer/Developer

I build websites. Here are some of the disciplines I use to create websites

  • Wordpress - Install, Setup, Themes, and Plugins

  • Web scripting and web applications

  • (x)HTML – Essential markup language

  • CSS – Make things look nice

  • Database design and implementation

  • jQuery – javascript framework

  • Layout Design using Photoshop and Illustrator

  • User Interaction

  • Site Architecture

Download John Pape's Resume (PDF)


  • BCIP Certification - Web Designer
  • Web Design Concepts
  • HTML 4.0
  • Web Design for Accessibility
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • CSS
  • Internet Industry Knowledge


“John comes through when I need something in a hurry or if I don't. He is very knowledgeable and if he doesn't know something he will find out on his own time. I am very happy with his work for me and recommend him to anyone looking for website support from a person who knows a lot. John works at a reasonable rate and is very trustworthy and reliable. Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach”
Anne Bachrach, Owner, The Accountability Coach
“John, is very dependable and conscious of what he does. Has been a good listener and pays close attention to detail”
Benny Tanga,
“John does good work, is very complete and thorough, and great to work with. His is very honest and can be trusted with sensitive information. If you need a professional website at reasonable cost, I can recommend John.”
Bob Duffy, Executive, San Diego Songwriters Guild
“John is a dedicated and reliable business partner of the highest integrity. His work with the San Diego Songwriter's Guild has been exemplary, and SDSG has relied on his solid support for many years. I've worked with John for many years. He has always delivered on his promises with results that exceed expectations.”
MarkHattersley, Owner, Club Bohemia Productions
“John is a very reliable and great developer. He always sees the big picture and readily volunteers to work on any project put before him. His coding and design skills have always been top-notch! I would be happy to work with John on any project.”
Tim Yim, Software Engineer, PINT, Inc.
“I worked with John for several years and was alway impressed with his ability to adapt to the changing demands of our clients and systems and to deliver high quality work. He excelled at interacting with our clients, establishing and maintaining excellent working relationships with them and paying close attention to their needs. He never backed off from challenges and I enjoyed my time working with him.”
Ryan Mashburn, VP Technology, 42Media
“John was a talented and versatile addition to our team. He was easy to collaborate with and made projects better for being involved. His knowledge of web design and application was an enormous benefit to us.
Luke Byers, Associate Creative Designer, USAOPOLY
John Pape has always delivered for me and all of my needs. He is patient and will make sure to deliver on each of his promises. Thanks John.
Michael Thomas Opielowski, Bachrach & Associates, Inc.
John did an amazing job at taking some very fuzzy ideas that I had on developing a web site and turning them into an easy to navigate site. He was proactive with not only establishing the site, but walking me through how to leverage social networking along with it. He continues to help me with updates and ideas as my ministry and site grow. I would recommend him to anyone needing web site development or maintence.
Mary Ann Mariani, Owner Kingdom Presenters
John has always been one of the "Good Guys" in life. You will definitely find his approach to your needs to be professional and timely!
Hugh Swanke
John is an excellent web designer and is very easy to work with I highly recommend him.
Tony Taravella



Mail:  john@mediatunes.com

Phone:  619-593-9483

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Solutions Directed Coaching

January 27, 2011+br850+br463

Web Design: The Scottish Locksmith

September 16, 2010+br850+br526

Website - Questions the Book

September 16, 2010+br684+br680

Kingdom Presenters

December 29, 2009+br850+br555

Guitar Christmas Carols

January 27, 2011+br567+br680

Silent Voices

December 29, 2009+br607+br680

South Bay Auto & Truck

May 14, 2010+br850+br616

TSM Advertising

July 22, 2009+br850+br647

Scottish Locksmith Website

March 31, 2010+br850+br658

John Pape Online Blog

December 29, 2009+br468+br680

SDSG Songwriters Guild

December 29, 2009+br385+br680

Meadowland of Carmel

May 23, 2009+br749+br680

Balloons Over Boston

May 23, 2009+br850+br528

San Diego Dodge

May 23, 2009+br850+br553

Gober Merrell

May 23, 2009+br850+br583

Resale Timeshare

May 23, 2009+br850+br486

Poway Chevrolet

May 23, 2009+br831+br680

Drew Auto Center

May 23, 2009+br850+br571

National City Motorcars

May 23, 2009+br850+br553

McCune Motors

May 23, 2009+br850+br659

Rolling Hills Ford

May 23, 2009+br748+br680

Bill Volz

May 23, 2009+br850+br478

Westcott Mazda/Kia

May 23, 2009+br850+br585

Greiner GMC

May 23, 2009+br850+br541

Anaheim Lincoln Mercury

May 23, 2009+br850+br637

Aloha Motors

May 23, 2009+br848+br680

Wedding Song Company

May 6, 2009+br850+br550

Thomasville Lincoln Mercury

May 23, 2009+br850+br637

Colley Ford

May 6, 2009+br850+br573

Greenville Mitsubishi

May 6, 2009+br850+br573

Village Lock and Key

May 6, 2009+br850+br659

Choice Locksmithing

May 6, 2009+br676+br680

Silent Voices

May 6, 2009+br736+br680

Autosock Direct

May 6, 2009+br633+br680

Accordion Boot

May 6, 2009+br368+br680

Saturn Motorsports

May 6, 2009+br850+br659

Jonni Maxx

May 6, 2009+br832+br680


May 6, 2009+br730+br680

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LIfting Your Hands

February 2, 2010+br496+br680

Space Cube Has Landed

February 2, 2010+br715+br680

Colorful Hand

February 1, 2010+br517+br680

Triangles and Circles

February 1, 2010+br512+br680

Sunset Ocean Rays Night

February 1, 2010+br850+br637

Star Field

February 1, 2010+br850+br637


May 6, 2009+br487+br680


May 6, 2009+br850+br637


May 6, 2009+br487+br680


May 6, 2009+br850+br582

Ocean Cube

May 6, 2009+br680+br680

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Web Ad

April 11, 2013+br850+br637

Mayo Nana Monkey

June 15, 2010+br680+br680

Truck Rear View (Pen and Ink)

February 2, 2010+br850+br587

Seat Swoosh

February 2, 2010+br543+br680

Persian Cat (Pen and Ink)

February 2, 2010+br547+br680

Building Elevation (Corel Draw)

February 2, 2010+br634+br680

Dune Buggy (Ink and Pen)

February 2, 2010+br803+br680

Atv And Rider Ink and Pen

February 2, 2010+br850+br668


May 6, 2009+br324+br680


May 6, 2009+br850+br643


May 6, 2009+br850+br570

Tug Boat

May 6, 2009+br611+br680


May 6, 2009+br737+br680

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Book Cover

June 15, 2010+br512+br680

Heart of the Father

June 15, 2010+br437+br680

Tunes 4 Him Cover

June 15, 2010+br684+br680

Kingdom Presenters

August 30, 2009+br850+br610

Pacific Coast Logo

February 2, 2010+br850+br219


May 6, 2009+br850+br427

j logo

May 6, 2009+br850+br614

Mediatunes Logo

May 6, 2009+br850+br575

Jonni Maxx

May 6, 2009+br680+br680

Tiki Icon

May 6, 2009+br793+br680

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June 23, 2011+br850+br542

Rocks by the Lake

June 23, 2011+br850+br618

Old House

June 23, 2011+br494+br680

Light Tower

June 23, 2011+br850+br573

Light On Wall

June 23, 2011+br850+br595

Abstract Walls

June 23, 2011+br850+br561

Green Pumpkin

August 30, 2009+br850+br637

Wood Floor - Photoshop

August 30, 2009+br850+br637

Fence - Photoshop Composite

August 30, 2009+br850+br637

Blue Sky and Branch

May 6, 2009+br850+br637

Angel in Bouganvilla

May 6, 2009+br850+br637

Grunge Texture

May 6, 2009+br850+br637

Green Raindrops

May 6, 2009+br850+br642

Clouds in the Blue Sky

May 6, 2009+br850+br642

Sunset Palms

May 6, 2009+br850+br642

egg battle

May 6, 2009+br504+br680

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May 6, 2009+br850+br478

Holiday July 4th

May 6, 2009+br453+br680

Night Drop

May 6, 2009+br453+br680

Online Inventory

May 6, 2009+br453+br680


May 6, 2009+br850+br478

Today in Hisotry

May 6, 2009+br850+br478

Gift Certificate

May 6, 2009+br452+br680


May 6, 2009+br453+br680

Joke Time

May 6, 2009+br850+br478


May 6, 2009+br850+br478

Weather Panel

May 6, 2009+br850+br478

Eco Tips (SCALA)

May 6, 2009+br850+br480

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