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Song List

Song Title


Amazon Dark, Ambient Evironmental
Birds of Brazil Exotic World Beat Down in the Jungle
Blast Away Nice Caribbean feel
Cool Breeze Jazz kick back and feel the vibe
Cornerstone Mellow and Moving
Cyberstomp Upbeat, High Energy
Dark Street Moody, ambient, dark, industrial
Everlasting Light Mellow, Soft, Light
Gotta Run Moving Bass line
Hebrew Dance Hebrew Dance Ethnic
Hop Jam This is a fun get down and dance music that will keep you movin and groovin
I am a Robot Quicky Electonic 8-Bit ditty
It's a Mystery Playful, Spy type theme
Little Tears Electric Rock
Metromedia Steady Music great for voice over bed, energetic
My Love High Energy Rocker with soaring melody and rock steady beat
On the Rox Moderate Rocker
Promise Bluezy laid back feel with Jazz Guitar and Blues Sax counter melody
Pump It Up Energetic, In your face
Sahara Desert Ethnic, Middle Eastern Melody
Sunset on the Horizon Symphonic, dark, minor, slow, sad
The King's Son Renaissance Feel in 3/8
The Vine Fun
Thinking About You Reflective, Soothing
Tightrope Dancer Upbeat Rocker with a steady beat and soaring melody
Trekker Dance Beat with soaring melody